The Case of the Lost Bass

Bassist Malcolm Gold’s story about the benefits of MusicPro instrument insurance doesn’t involve theft or damage. It was just a momentary lapse of focus on a long commute.

You’re scrambling to get to your gig in New York, carrying your instrument on your back and an array of other bags and gear for the long trek. Lots of things are weighing on your mind, plenty of ideas and distractions, and then – time to switch trains. You grab your bags, jump on the next train, and realize, “Where’s my bass?”

Can you tell me the story about losing your bass? I hear it was something of a heartbreaker.

It’s an embarrassing story – I’m having doubts about admitting to it in print.

To make a long story short, it was a very stressful time in my life. I guess it was about six or seven months ago, I was traveling on a train with a beautiful 1966 ice-blue metallic Fender Jazz bass. It’s a custom color, it’s a very nice bass. It’s an instrument that’s worth a considerable amount of money, to say the least.

I had a bunch of different bags with me, and I put the bass on the overhead rack. There was a point when I had to transfer trains, at White Plains on Metro North, and basically with all the stress I was going through and all the stuff I was carrying, I just forgot the bass. I left it on the train in the overhead. I didn’t see it when I was getting up and realized it as I was just getting on my second train.

So I took that train to the next station, which was the end of the line for the train I was originally on, the one with the bass on it, …Read the full story

Source:: Echoes