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Audio mixing has a critical impact on the way music sounds. Our professional audio engineers can turn your recording into a work of art.

For $200 per song, we’ll work with you until your music is the best it can be.

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In sound recording and reproduction, audio mixing (or “mix down”) is the process which commences after all tracks are recorded and edited as individual parts. The mixing-process can consist of various processes but are not limited to setting levels, setting equalization, using stereo panning, and the addition of effects. The way the song is mixed has as much impact on the way it sounds as each of the individual parts that have been recorded. Dramatic impacts on how the song affects the listeners can be created by minor adjustments in the relationship among the various instruments within the song.

Audio mixing is utilized as part of creating an album or single. Mixing is largely dependent on both the arrangement and the recordings. The mixing stage often follows a multi-track recording. The process is generally carried out by a mixing engineer, though sometimes it is the musical producer, or even the artist, who mixes the recorded material. After mixing, a mastering engineer prepares the final product for reproduction on a CD, for radio, or otherwise.

Prior to the emergence of digital audio workstations (DAWs), the process of mixing used to be carried out on a mixing console. Currently, more and more engineers and independent artists are using a personal computer for the process. Mixing consoles still play a large part in the recording process. They are often used in conjunction with a DAW, although the DAW may only be used as a multi-track recorder and for editing or sequencing, with the actual mixing being performed on the console.



Audio Mixing Engineer Josh S. of CLG Music & Media

Meet Josh S. Josh is our audio mixing engineer and graduated top of his class at McNally Smith College of Music based in Minneapolis, MN, along with our mastering engineer, Darren. He has worked at the prestigious Conway Recording Studio in Los Angeles, CA as well as LaBren Recording Studio, also in Los Angeles. Josh is our lead audio engineer and oversees all audio post production on behalf of CLG Music & Media and our clients.


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