New File Manager, Link Checker, and a Little Fun in v9.2

These days, lots of different kinds of people love MailChimp’s easy-to-use features—and we love them, too. But we’ve got a soft spot for developers. MailChimp was originally built for developers, and we’re developers ourselves. It’s an audience we enjoy serving, and (like last time) one we kept in mind while working on the app’s most recent revamp. For this quick iteration, the File Manager got a big overhaul, and there’s a new tool to help you check links in your campaign. Let’s get into the details.
A new File Manager
For a while now, we’ve been hearing from folks that the File Manager is one of their most used MailChimp features. Agencies and freelancers managing accounts for clients store images, marketing material, logos, and more there. In fact, they’re storing so much stuff that it can become unmanageable. Not to mention the fact that the File Manager is not accessible from anywhere but the email designer, making it impossible to quickly get a file uploaded without going into a draft campaign. So we’ve made some changes.
A fresh coat of paint
Viewing images and files requires plenty of space. If you remember, the File Manager used to be in a tiny, cramped modal window with hardly any breathing room. The new File Manager uses one of our fancy slide-from-the-top panes, so that it takes up every pixel of your browser’s window. This means you can see more files at once in the list view, and when browsing images in the grid view, they are easy to scan.
Folders, filtering, search
By far, users’ most requested new File Manager feature was folders. Agencies, devs, and freelancers who manage multiple accounts were having a really hard time keeping their files organized. We heard you, and folders are now available in the File Manager. You can use them the …read more

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