How come your prices are so much better than that other company?

Get 1,000 CDs in Jewel Box w/2-Panel Insert for only $949*
Plus, we’ll throw in Elite Distribution FOR FREE
(a $100 Value)

Why pay more money just because someone sends you a catalog? That would be ridiculous and wrong, right? So how do you right your wrong? Well, you seek the best quality at the best price. And that’s where CLG Music & Media comes to the rescue.

We are known for super high quality manufacturing. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Other times you pay for what you get. But rarely do you get more than you expect.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. We’re confident you’ll agree – we provide top quality manufacturing at ridiculous prices. Would we be allowed to use that tag line if we didn’t? I think not!

As we did last month, we’d like to tell you why it’s a great investment to purchase a full 1,000 units when investing in CDs or any other physical product to sell at shows. The more you buy, the cheaper the CDs per unit. Here’s the math: Sell 95 CDs at $10 each and you break even. Anything beyond that is PURE PROFIT! Surely you can sell 95 CDs, right?

  • For those who like something a bit more eco-friendly, our 4-panel Eco-Wallets are on sale for $1,049.95*
  • For those who don’t expect to sell a lot of product, our short-run duplication is a great option. Get 100 CDs in Digipak for only $324*.

Good through August 31, 2017

*Prices do not include tax or shipping.

Call (615) 786-9850 for more information.
Mon-Fri | 9am – 6pm (Central)

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