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  • Has Shazam Become The New A&R Department for Major Labels?

    In 2000, a Stanford Ph.D. named Avery Wang co-founded, with a couple of business-school graduates, a tech start-up called Shazam. Their idea was to develop a service that could identify any song within a few seconds, using only a cellphone, even in a crowded bar or coffee shop. At first, Wang, who had studied audio […]

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  • Spotify Paid Taylor Swift HOW MUCH??!!

    If you thought we’d heard the last of the heated exchange between TAYLOR SWIFT’s camp and SPOTIFY — you’d be wrong. TUESDAY (NET NEWS 11/11), SPOTIFY CEO DANIEL EK took to the company blog to address TAYLOR SWIFT’s decision to remove her albums from the streaming service. He wrote, “TAYLOR SWIFT is absolutely right: Music […]

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  • Top Music Industry Mogul Wants To Derail YouTube’s Music Key

    GOOGLE’s announcement of the launch of music streaming subscription service YOUTUBE MUSIC KEY was blunted by music industry power player IRVING AZOFF, who told the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER that he is prepared to remove the music of 42 of his clients — including THE EAGLES, PHARRELL WILLIAMS, BOSTON, FOREIGNER, JOHN LENNON, SMOKEY ROBINSON, CHRIS CORNELL and […]

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  • Announcing New Bundled Marketing Packages

    We’ve developed a system for social media marketing with the goal of building a healthy, targeted fan base for each client we work with. In our system Twitter is the central tool used in building a following, so our main goal is to locate followers who will be interested in your brand. We are gaining […]

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  • We’re Officially Launching Our Brand New Site Today!

    We’re officially launching our brand new site today! We’ve been hard at work getting the site up and running for your convenience. While we’ve got everything looking pretty good there are still a few odds and ends to clean up. So, if anything looks out of sorts, just bear with us a little bit longer. Everything […]

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