• Millennials push 2015 vinyl sales to 26-year high in US

    Vinyl sales in the US are set to reach a new recent high, according to figures.The Recording Industry Association of America has posted sales of nine million vinyl albums in the first half of 2015, compared with 14 million in the whole of 2014. The vinyl revival has been attributed to younger consumers, what the […]

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  • The Lede: Hangout Hot Seat with Brian Clark

    Google Hangouts are an invaluably useful tool.
    We’ve made mention of this before.
    And if you’ve been listening to the New Rainmaker podcast, then you recently heard Brian and Robert discuss the concept of repurposing content — using the same content in multiple ways.
    In this episode of The Lede, Demian and I put the usefulness and versatility of Google Hangouts on display and demonstrate how Hangouts can be used as part of a repurposing strategy.
    Here’s how …
    The incredible, embeddable Hangout
    In less than an hour’s time, we created a piece of content that:
    Could have been broadcast live to our audience
    Can now be embedded anywhere, in perpetuity
    Was fairly easy to convert into a podcast
    Was turned into text content as a transcript
    And all of that is on display right here in this post.
    Oh, and the custom nameplates you see and the sound effects you hear? All built right into Hangouts.
    See what I mean? Invaluably useful.
    So what’s so interesting about this Hangout?
    We are calling this Hangout showcase the “Hangout Hot Seat” … and the first* episode features none other than the Frank Underwood of Copyblogger.
    Yes, Brian Clark.
    In this episode, Brian answers the following questions:
    What does “Media, not marketing” mean?
    Is Google-Plus still an essential tool for …read more

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  • Why Cost per Acquisition Is the Only Metric That Really Matters

    There’s no denying it. You cannot consider yourself a great ad person unless you know your numbers. At SME Digital (the agency arm of Social Media Explorer), we’re all about garnering results that are measurable. After all, you aren’t an effective marketer if you aren’t tracking the numbers. Even more, you aren’t a top-notch marketer if you’re not tracking the one metric that matters above all others: Cost per Acquisition (CPA).
    Now don’t get me wrong, all those other metrics are important too. Metrics like:
    Cost per Click
    Cost per Conversion
    Just to name a few.
    But, while these metrics are important to any well run campaign. They don’t hold a candle to the Holy Grail of marketing metrics: Cost per Acquisition. In other words, how much do I have to spend in marketing dollars to get a paying customer?
    So why is Cost per Acquisition so important? Simple, it’s the quintessential metric for determining true return on investment. It doesn’t matter how many clicks or eyeballs a campaign receives, if it’s not generating revenue, it’s not successful.
    Case in point, I was working for an agency charged with managing a company’s PPC account. My team’s ads were performing well above average (on paper). Through …read more

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  • A New Take On Crowd Sourcing & A Discussion About Haters: Podcast Episode 12

    In this episode of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast Tyler Palmer joins us to discuss Patreon; crowd funding platform with a twist. We also have a frank discussion about haters and trolls, what’s normal, and whether or not it’s worth taking any of it on board. We also share some of the more outlandish hate […] …read more

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  • The Formidable Power of Twitter

    In an exhaustive study done by Beevolve on profiles of 36 million global Twitter users, they found that nearly 74% of those who use Twitter are between the ages of 15 and 25. This is also happens to be one the key demographic groups of those who purchase music. 53% of Twitter users are female […]

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  • Close The Deal with Great Music

    Marketing generates traffic. Great music closes the deal. If either element is missing a new release campaign will virtually always underachieve. Concentrate on creating great, compelling content in order to close the deal with those who’ve never heard your music.

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  • It's Official: Spotify Files For An IPO It’s Official: Spotify Files For An IPO

    It’s Official: Spotify Files For An IPO Earlier today, SPOTIFY filed for an IPO listing on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, the NEW YORK TIMES reports. SPOTIFY shares will be traded under the ticker symbol SPOT. According to its filing, SPOTIFY generated had nearly $5 billion in revenue last year, a 39% increase from 2016. […]

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  • curtains-closed Developing A Gig Reminder Email Strategy

    For anyone involved with putting on a show – be it artist, promoter, or label – notifying a fanbase that the show is actually happening is essential, and one email usually isn’t sufficient. Here we look at how to develop comprehensive, effective strategy for emailing gig reminders. _______________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music […]

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  • curtains-closed Spotify Facing $1.6 Billion Lawsuit Over ‘Massive, Systemic Copyright Infringement’

    In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in LOS ANGELES, WIXEN MUSIC PUBLISHING is accusing streaming service SPOTIFY USA of streaming millions of unlicensed songs in what it calls “massive, systemic copyright infringement.” NBC reports, “the suit includes a 265-page list of thousands of its songs that WIXEN says SPOTIFY is streaming without proper licensing […]

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  • curtains-closed Universal Music Group Reaches Licensing Deal With Facebook

    UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP has inked a global deal with FACEBOOK to license its recorded music and publishing catalogs to the social media giant for use in video across its Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Oculus platforms.  Users will be permitted to upload videos with licensed music from UMG under the agreement, and the companies plan to […]

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  • curtains-closed How to Advertise Your Music Using Google AdWords

    Guest post by Lisa Occhino You’ve probably tried boosting your posts on Facebook, and maybe you’ve even run a few ads on Instagram. But have you ever considered how powerful Google’s search network can be for advertising your music? Optimizing your online presence for Google is super important, and there’s a lot you can do to […]

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  • curtains-closed Pandora Takes On Spotify With Free Ad-Supported On Demand Streaming Music Service

    Pandora is unlocking free access to its Premium on demand streaming service after they watch a 15 second video ad.  Users gain access to a Pandora Premium listening session which can include a song, album or playlist.  With the exception of YouTube, this offers consumers the closest alternative to Spotify’s popular free ad-supported streaming music […]

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  • curtains-closed 4 Ways To Share Your Music Video

    After spending days and possibly even a significant chunk of change on putting together the perfect music video, your going to want a way to disseminate it to the masses without breaking the bank. Here we look at some effective ways of getting your video out there beyond a lazy click of the ‘share’ button. […]

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  • curtains-closed State Of Concert Ticketing 2017

    Guest post from IEBA.org Panelists: Justin Atkins, Ticketmaster   Jason Comfort, Red Light Management   Charlie Goldstone, Frank Productions   Fielding Logan, Q Prime South   Moderated by Pam Matthews, IEBA   Market pricing, loyalty programs and fan engagement, the artist’s POV, a gigantic distributive marketplace, and facing the fact that there’s no such thing as […]

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  • curtains-closed How To Write Pop Songs That Will Appeal To Mainstream Music Fans

    You’re not satisfied with playing it small – you want mainstream success in music. Or, at the very least, you want to create music that appeals to mainstream music fans. Does this sound ambitious? That’s because it is. Writing catchy pop songs is not the hard part. Getting them out to the masses is. If […]

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  • curtains-closed What Exactly IS An Artist

    The importance of “branding” and “promoting one’s brand” is thrown around a lot this days when advising artists on how to achieve music business success, but what exactly does it mean for a musician or band to have a brand? Here we answer that exact question. ________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski One of the […]

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  • Spotify, Tencent And The Laws Of Unintended Consequences

    Spotify is reportedly in talks with the the music arm of Chinese net giant Tencent to swap 10% stakes in each other’s businesses ahead of expected public market listings next year. In addition to greater collective bargaining power, there are some interesting and important unintended consequences of a deal for both companies.  ___________________________ By Mark […]

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  • curtains-closed When Is The Best Time To Release An Album In 2018?

    As with every other aspect of marketing yourself in the music industry, when you choose to release your music can make all the difference. In this article we break down the best months in which to drop your new record as well as those months which will ensure a flop. _______________________ Guest post by Janelle […]

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  • curtains-closed Etiquette For Opening Bands

    As an opening band, how you conduct yourself can make all the difference in either spurring your career upward, or dashing your hopes for music industry success entirely. Here we look some essential etiquette tips for opening bands on the road. __________________________ Guest post by Rich Nardo [Editors Note: This blog was written by Rich Nardo. Rich […]

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  • curtains-closed Even The Stars Work Hard!

    By Matt Bacon I think one of the struggles of the music industry is the realization that no one can do everything for you, at least not if you want to go anywhere. And that’s really rough. It’s one of those things that you don’t really expect to see in the industry, you’d imagine that, […]

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  • curtains-closed Delegation for Musicians: A Guide for Getting Help and Support

    This guest post by Ariel Hyatt originally appeared on the Cyber PR Blog You will never achieve the success you want if you try to do it all alone and try to take on things that stop you dead in your tracks or waste your precious time. I cannot stress this enough: You must learn to […]

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  • curtains-closed How To Create Good Quality Songs On A Budget

    Setting up a recording studio has gotten a lot cheaper over the years. Today, you can get up and running with little more than a good quality microphone, a mic cable, an input/output device, a laptop, and a free or inexpensive Digital Audio Workstation program. This means that, if you’re on a budget, you can […]

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  • curtains-closed The 12 essential strategies to follow when promoting a new album release

    Recording an album is quite the adventure. You go through the process of deciding the time is right to record. You open up your writer’s toolbox and craft some great songs for release. Your team is assembled, you crowdfunded your venture, and you’ve finished up the most exciting part of the journey, recording in the […]

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  • curtains-closed Market Penetration And Your Indie Band

    Posted on November 19, 2017 by Matt Bacon Something that I think is really hard to appreciate about the world of music is the market penetration. This is something I think about a lot in terms of trying to get smaller bands access to larger markets ad then simultaneously trying to sort why certain people […]

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