Ariel Answers 14 Burning PR Questions for Novice DIY Musicians

I was going through Google Analytics and I noticed this interview, which was originally published on the PlayItLoud Music blog in late 2011, had popped up again as a traffic source. I started to read through it and while it’s certainly a long read, there is a lot that I feel like could still help a lot of musicians seeking out PR for the first time. Enjoy!

Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Cyber PR, a boutique digital marketing firm based in Brooklyn. Their Cyber PR® Campaigns help musicians to identify their Signature Story and achieve feature placements on niche blogs, podcasts, and Internet radio stations.

Her book Music Success in Nine Weeks has helped over a thousand musicians get in control of their online strategies and her ongoing blogging challenges keep artists accountable through the reading process.

Interviewing Ariel was a real pleasure. Her passion for and her knowledge of the music business is more than apparent in her answers. Before interviewing Ariel, I made a point of reading her book “Music Success in Nine Weeks”. I am usually skeptical about anything that suggests success in just a few weeks but after reading Ariel’s book I can truly say …read more

Source: Cyber PR

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