1,000 CDs for HOW MUCH???!!!

I got HOW MUCH for that stream?!

In an age where every source of revenue seems to be drying up, CD sales at shows are one of the last viable, profitable options for making money from your music. After all, you can’t buy lunch with that $.0003 you reap from a stream, right? And you can’t sign an MP3 file, either. Think of it this way…all you need to do is sell 70 units at $10 each to break even. Easy peasy, right? The rest after that is all gravy!

With some of the newest German-made replication machines in the business and top quality offset printing, you can trust CLG Music & Media to provide top-quality product at ridiculously low prices.

Get 1,000 CDs in 5″ x 5″ Cardboard Sleeves for only $699*

Good through July 31, 2017

*Prices do not include tax or shipping.

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